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Cover of the book "Applications of Blockchain Technology in Business: Challenges and Opportunities" by Mohsen Attaran

The book discusses the various ways that blockchain technology is changing the future of money, transactions, government, and business. The first two chapters walk through the foundation of blockchain. Chapters 3–12 look at applications of blockchain in different industries and highlight its exciting new business applications. It show why so many companies are implementing blockchain, and present examples of companies who have successfully employed the technology to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Chapter 13 highlights blockchain’s powerful potential to foster emerging markets and economies including smart cities, value-based healthcare, decentralized sharing economy, machine to machine transactions, data-sharing marketplace, etc. Chapter 14 offers a conceptual model, provides information and insights, and covers a step-by-step approach to plan and develop blockchain-based technology.

Springer, Forthcoming, November 2019.                             

Provides complete coverage of underlying assumptions behind each application and formula contained in the manual including one solved example per problem plus numerous practice problems. The two disks contain 17 interactive, menu driven programs that emulate frequently used production/operations management problem solving models. Together they offer a critical decision-making tool that will enhance both the relevance and utility of any core text in management science. Also features a built-in calculator which users can activate at any point in the program; a matrix format (spreadsheet) that offers streamlined data entry, full on-screen editing capabilities and much more.

John Wiley & Sons, January, 1992.                                              

Comes with interactive menu-driven software that emulates frequently used problem-solving models and provides solved examples and practice problems in each of the following topics: Transportation, Assignment, Linear Programming, Networking, PERT, CPM, Decision, Inventory, Queuing Theory, Computer Simulation, Game Theory, Markov Analysis.

John Wiley & Sons, January, 1992.                                                  

College level textbook and software package. For future managers who wish to understand the role of computers in quantitative analysis of management-science and operations-management problems.

Allyn and Bacon, Inc., January, 1989.                                           

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